Logwatch vs serverload

By Robin | februari 27, 2014

I had a server with high load every morning, after checking the system with top and ps auxf, i figured out it was logwatch doing nasty things. When it came to an old sambaservice running it had created more than 18000 files and logwatch was going to the top… load average of 20+… So i deleted the files in /var/log/samba and guess what, the server is running without any problem!

So check your logs when logwatch is your problem. And check logwatch if your server is running slow due high loads!

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Ubuntu 11.04 setting up Mac OS Time Machine server

By Robin | juni 12, 2011

Since i don’t want to give all the money to Apple and want some great backup, i found that Ubuntu (even on Openvz) can work as a Time Machine drive!

So here is what i have done:

# sudo apt-get install netatalk

After this i have added a line in /etc/netatak/AppleVolumes.default like this:

/backup/TimeMachine “TimeMachine” options:tm

Now we have to install avahi-daemon:

# sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon

One installed we have to create a file /etc/avahi/services/afpd.service with the following content:

<name replace-wildcards=”yes”>%h</name>


And now restart both services:

# sudo service netatalk restart
# sudo service avahi-daemon restart

Now you can access the share by your mac, if not you have to typ the following on CLI as root:

# defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

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ssh hangs – very slow ssh on mac

By Robin | juni 5, 2011

Since a few days ssh was very slow, searching many hours brings me to my router and suddenly i saw the problem…
Telenet my Internet Providers nameservers are slowing down the whole thing…

after verbose i had (ssh -vvv):
debug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 32768
and then it hangs/freeze

So from now i use and everything is working again!

after verbose i had (ssh -vvv):
debug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 32768

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Plesk missing db user

By Robin | februari 21, 2011

if the mysql user of a site isn’t listed in the plesk interface, do the following:
1. log into mysql as admin (eg. using cmd line)
2. delete the entry of that user in the mysql user table(eg. DELETE FROM user WHERE user=’username‘;)
3. add the user via plesk.

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Procmail and Plesk

By Robin | februari 19, 2011

I’m using more computersystems for mail but my macbook is not always online, so i find a way to make message rules and sort mail in maps before checking it in a mailclient!

How it works? Simple you need serveraccess for this, procmail and some adjustments in .qmail file!

First of all as a .procmailrc file i had the following:

* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes.*
* ^Subject:.*The Plesk Scheduler notification
${MAILDIR}/.AAA\ Plesk\ Admin/

This code does two things, first put mail marked as spam in the Junk folder and as second it put mails with a subject in an other dir!

Offcourse don’t forget to change your .qmail file:

| true
| /usr/bin/procmail -m -o ./.procmailrc

From now your mail will be sorted before it is checked in any client! Usefull if you also use a smartphone 😉

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Macbook oh my battery…

By Robin | februari 5, 2011

Since about two years i’m using my Macbook Pro 17″ every day, nice notebook, but the battery, they told me has to go for more then 7 hours, so i was happy when i bought the machine i could use it for about 6 hours… The reason was fair, i’m using internet, so i used my macbook as i used a normal desktop… But ok 6 hours was really fair for working, since a few months the battery suddenly only works for about 2 hours, oh uh ouch, i really need at least 4 hours, so i started my way and searching for hours, and then i found the problem, iavd (iAntivirus) and HPShortcutManage those two processes where the problem, after killing those two my machine was up and running again on battery for about 5 hours, so maybe could the people who write these programs give a sollution?

Sinds een jaar of 2 gebruik ik dagelijks mijn Macbook Pro 17″, een leuke notebook, maar de batterij… Bij de aankoop heeft men me laten weten dat de machine voor meer dan 7 uren moest werken op batterij, leuk, mijn Macbook deed het max. 6 uren, toch was ik blij daar ik geen enkele andere notebook kende die het zo lang kon volhouden op batterij! Tot een paar maanden terug plots de batterij maar 2 uren meer wilde meegaan, zelf in de lokale Apple shop (GCAB) liet men mij ontvallen dat de batterij wel stuk zou zijn en ik deze moest vervangen. Maar goed, ik heb dus een batterij nodig die 4 uren meegaat, zo start ik mijn zoektocht doorheen de notebook, hier krijg ik de processen in het oog en daar staan er 2 tussen die bijna alle resources verbruiken. iavd (iAntivirus) en HPShortcutManage, na het stoppen van deze twee boosdoeners draait de machine dus weer vlot 5 uurtjes mee op zijn batterij… Wel erg dat men me in de winkel in Brugge een nieuwe batterij wilde aansmeren zonder meer!

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Mobistar Internet Everywhere Windows 7…

By Robin | januari 22, 2011

OK, my dad has bought a new laptop, nice machine, i5 core inside, Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled, nice ledscreen, so to help him he asked me could you transfer everything to this machine, so i started to take backups of every file on it, install all the software needed so he can work. And here we are he has a Mobistar Internet Everywher USB-modem. The USB-modem is an option Qualcomm 7.2 EL (GI0205) type, so i plug in this hardware in the laptop… Can you guess what it does? It is showing me 2 choices, 1) Mobistar Internet Everywhere setup and 2) Show map and files, I make choice 1, the installer starts, install the software for connection, drivers, … And euh it is not working, so as i know calling to Mobistar is not the first option but the last, Option, hmm, searching the Mobistar website brings me to a link that is linked to … Option, so i downloaded the latest drivers on that website 4.xx, going to the device without the driver, selected this and again no luck… So finally i’m calling to Mobistar (0800-85953 – this number works from monday till saturday), after a while getting someone on the phone, excuse me sir but you dialled the wrong number, i say to that person i have called to 0800-85953, so he send me to the right department, so i do my explanation and the person on the other side of the phone let me do again every step i did before to conclude it was not working, he told me after 28 minutes he will give me a referencenumber to change my usbmodem, buy he also says maybe they will change it but they don’t have to, because the device is working but not on Windows 7… So as it is weekend i’m searching further and testing everything again… I found an older Driver 3G Driver and you also need

So these two files allow you to connect to their network, without their support that can not help you!
Before starting remove your Mobistar Software!

1) Unpack the driverpackage to a directory
2) Open your hardware device manager
3) click right on the HSPDA Modem Device, choose Properties, Driver Update, select the map where you have unpacked the driver and let’s rock-and-roll!
You will see 4 new unknown devices in your device manager, so repeat step 3 for those devices! The system will recognize them after this.
4) Unpack the connection software
5) Install these software (the nice one on this is, the Mobistar logo is not showed here!) / some people need to reinstall the mobistar software and repeat the steps to get it work!
6) Open the Program: GlobeTrotter Connect (the system will ask your pincode, so insert this and go further)
7) you do not need any username or password to setup, only as APN you have to put:

Connect and enjoy!

So Mobistar, saying for the second time to me that people with new software/systems have to change the hardware to connect to the internet is not fair, support is not better then two years ago on my macbook, same story!

Voor hen die het liever in het Nederlands hebben:
Mijn vader heeft een nieuwe laptop en vroeg me hierop alles van zijn oude toestel over te zetten zodat hij verder kon werken, vol goede moed ben ik aan de opdracht begonnen. Helaas toen de Mobistar Internet Everywhere usbmodem aan de beurt was, toen was het een dejavu gevoel dat van start ging. Ik stop de modem in de laptop, krijg 2 keuze mogelijkheden, 1) uitvoeren Mobistar Internet Everywhere of 2) mappen en bestanden weergeven, hier ben ik natuurlijk voor keuze 1 gegaan, het programma start, doet de installatie en dan werkt het niet… Dus gezien mijn ervaring in 2009 met Mobistar Internet Everywhere op mijn Macbook, ga ik eerst even zelf op ontdekking op de Mobistar website, welke me op een Engelse pagina brengt van jawel Option. Op de website van Option kan je het stuurprogramma met versie 4.xx downloaden, dat doe ik dan ook even, ik open mijn Apparaatbeheer en kies bijwerken stuurprogramma, helaas zonder resultaat… Dus toch maar even de helpdesk bellen van Mobistar, die kan je volgens de website bereiken op 0800-85953, dat doe ik ook en kies mooi de optie voor IEW, maar daar neemt iemand op en zegt me dat ik niet op de juiste dienst ben en hij geeft me dus jawel nogmaals hetzelfde nummer door, ik wijs hem erop dat ik naar dat nummer bel en hij gaat me dan maar persoonlijk doorschakelen naar de juiste dienst, nu kan dit plots wel… Goed, ik kom op de juiste afdeling, leg mijn probleem uit en we overlopen nogmaals identiek dezelfde stappen die ik al eerder heb uitgetest, in jawel 27 minuten, daarna zegt de persoon me sorry, die modem is te oud, ik zal een dossiernummer aanmaken, dan kan je deze misschien omruilen in een mobistarcenter, hoewel het niet zeker is want het werkt nog en men is het niet verplicht… Dus sta ik nog geen stap dichter op dat ogenblik, ik heb een nummer, geen oplossing, en het is weekend. Dan maar even zelf verder zoeken…
Op het www vind ik toevallig een oud stuurprogramma: 3G Driver en ook de connectiesoftware die we later nodig hebben (deze is wel van de Optionwebsite)

Wat moet je hiermee doen om alles werkende te krijgen?
Alvorens te starten verwijder de oude Mobistar software!

1) pak het stuurprogramma (GTConnect 3G Driver uit
2) ga naar apparaatbeheer (configuratiescherm)
3) klik rechts op je HSPDA modem, kies eigenschappen, stuurprogramma bijwerken en uw toestel is plots aanvaard door Windows 7!
Je zal nu zien dat er 4 andere apparaten als onbekend verschijnen, herhaal voor deze telkens stap 3
4) Pak de connctiesoftware uit
5) Installeer deze software (het leuke is dat alle verwijzingen naar Mobistar weg zijn!) / Sommige mensen moeten hier toch later terug de mobistarversie installeren en alles herhalen…
6) Open het programma GlobeTrotter Connect en voer uw pincode in
7) vul GEEN gebruikersnaam en GEEN wachtwoord in (gewoon leeg dus), bij APN zet je:

En nu connect maar en genieten!
Dus Mobistar, de helpdesk is nog steeds onervaren, heeft een gebrek aan informatie, en geeft liever de klant een nieuw toestel dan een oplossing!

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Iphone and Proximus problem…

By Robin | oktober 17, 2010

Since a few months having problems with my Iphone and Proximus, i have to disable 3G or i will get most off my calls to the voicemail, people call me and get the voicemail while my phone has full coverage…
Have called supportdesk many times for this problem but no sollution yet.
So i hope there will be a solution, because every 3G phone will have this problem i think. If someone has a solution so i do not have to switch the 3G manually let me know!

Thank you Proximus for the bad service!

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Apple Macbook Pro Bluetooth issue

By Robin | juli 6, 2010

Sometimes the bluetooth device of my mac suddenly disappears and could not be used untill cold reboot!
The message i got on my dutch version of Mac OS is: Bluetooth apparaat niet beschikbaar
Steps to take to solve the issue:

Most of the time a hold down of powerbutton and restart will help, but if not:
1) Put your mac in sleep state and wake him again, sometimes it helps…
2) click on the apple icon and choose restart
3) if the steps from above does not work, unplug all devices and also the power, then choose shut down and restart without power and devices, in most cases the BT is back working!

Hope this will help you… Last solution is an SMC reset as described on apple’s supportsite.

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Mysql Master Master Replication on CentOS 5

By Robin | juni 22, 2010

This tutorial describes how to set up a MySQL master-master replication. This is usefull is one of the servers drops down, the other can take over without any data loss, it will also be used as slave for the live one.

Step 1:
Install mysql on master 1 (slave 2) and slave 1 (master2).
#yum install mysql-server mysql

Master 1 (slave 2) ip:
Slave 1 (master 2) ip:

Step 2:
On Master 1, change /etc/my.cnf as follow:



Step 3:
Logon to mysql on master 1 (in our case the server with ip
mysql> grant replication slave on *.* to ‘repl‘@’%’ identified by ‘WhatYouwant‘;

After this restart the mysql on master 1

We used the % but you can set here also for a more secure server!

Step 4:
On slave 1 (in our case the server with ip edit /etc/my.cnf as follow:



Step 5:
Logon to mysql master 1:
mysql> show master status;
| File             | Position | Binlog_Do_DB | Binlog_Ignore_DB |
| mysql-bin.000007 |     2013 |              |                  |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Step 6:

Logon to mysql on slave 1 and use the infomation from step 5:
mysql>start slave;
mysql>show slave status\G

*************************** 1. row ***************************
Slave_IO_State: Waiting for master to send event
Master_User: repl
Master_Port: 3306
Connect_Retry: 60
Master_Log_File: mysql-bin.000007
Read_Master_Log_Pos: 2013
Relay_Log_File: mysqld-relay-bin.000003
Relay_Log_Pos: 2150
Relay_Master_Log_File: mysql-bin.000007
Slave_IO_Running: Yes
Slave_SQL_Running: Yes
Last_Errno: 0
Skip_Counter: 0
Exec_Master_Log_Pos: 2013
Relay_Log_Space: 2150
Until_Condition: None
Until_Log_Pos: 0
Master_SSL_Allowed: No
Seconds_Behind_Master: 0
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Step 7:
Now we going to make slave 1 -> master 2 and master 1 -> slave 2 so the master-master replication will work!
On slave 1 (ip we add a rule to /etc/my.cnf:


Step 8:
On slave 1 (ip in our example) create the replication in mysql:
mysql> grant replication slave on *.* to ‘repl’@’%’ identified by ‘WhatYouWant‘;

You can change the % to be more safe in!

mysql> show master status;
| File              | Position | Binlog_Do_DB | Binlog_Ignore_DB |
| mysqld-bin.000005 |      314 |              |                  |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Step 9:
On master 1 (ip in our example) add the user to mysql (use information from step 8):


Step 10:
Restart both mysql services on master 1 (slave 2) and slave 1 (master 2).

On master 1:
mysql> start slave;

On slave 1:
mysql> show master status;

On master 1:
mysql> show slave status\G

So now you can test on both servers if your config works! Hope you enjoy the tutorial and have a safe configuration! If you want safe hosting with this solution you can also take hosting by Netdistri bvba

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