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Working on Linkdirectory

dinsdag, oktober 30th, 2007

Since about 2 months i’m working on a linkdirectory, i thought it would be easier, but each time there is something i would do better then and that takes me a couple of hours extra! So for those of you who know a good way to rate the links (websites) let me know and maybe […]

Doing business on the www

zondag, oktober 21st, 2007

After looking on the internet and searching for a good SEO-site none of them has the things i need, i hate to read for hours and did not get any result, so for the first time in my life i have spend some money for a complete site… is a website with SEO content […]

why M$ can’t make things easy…

dinsdag, oktober 16th, 2007

After 2 weeks trying outlook MS has made my life not as easy as they think they do… My imapmailbox is running fine for some months by now, but when changing my thunderbird for outlook because i need a calendar, login and recieving mail is perfect, so far so good, but after one week the […]