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Mobistar Internet Everywhere after Leopard Upgrade

vrijdag, september 11th, 2009

Today after upgrading to Mac Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) my internet everywhere usb-modem let hang the whole macbook, so i called to Mobistar support desk for Internet 0800-85953 and choose in the menu option 2 for technical information. Here they say the only solution is to reinstall my old OS, so there was no […]

Mounting issues over samba share

donderdag, september 10th, 2009

Today installed a new centos server and samba does it again (failure sharing external drives), ok the drives are windowsdrives vfat (fat32) and ntfs (ntfs-3g). So after struggling a while installed swat when i suddenly see the shares on the other windows-lan-computers… But we can not write to the disks we have to mount them […]

Remove domain tomcat problem

dinsdag, september 8th, 2009

To remove a domain that generate a tomcat error during delete, copy an existing xml file from the following dir: /usr/share/tomcat5/psa-users/ to {domain}.xml where {domain} is the full domain name to be removed.