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Mysql Master Master Replication on CentOS 5

dinsdag, juni 22nd, 2010

This tutorial describes how to set up a MySQL master-master replication. This is usefull is one of the servers drops down, the other can take over without any data loss, it will also be used as slave for the live one. Step 1: Install mysql on master 1 (slave 2) and slave 1 (master2). #yum […]

Install postfix mailserver only for forwarding

dinsdag, juni 1st, 2010

For some reasons i only had to install a mailserver for forwarding mails to other mailaddresses. So on Centos here you have it: #yum install postfix smtpd edit /etc/postfix/ myhostname = your.domain.tld virtual_alias_domains = redirectdomain1.tld, redirectdomain2.tld virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual edit /etc/postfix/virtual address@redirectdomain1.tld   addresto@domainto.tld @redirectdomain2.tld  addresstocatchall@domaintoxx.tld After this run the following commands: # postalias /etc/aliases # […]