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Plesk missing db user

maandag, februari 21st, 2011

if the mysql user of a site isn’t listed in the plesk interface, do the following: 1. log into mysql as admin (eg. using cmd line) 2. delete the entry of that user in the mysql user table(eg. DELETE FROM user WHERE user=’username‘;) 3. add the user via plesk.

Procmail and Plesk

zaterdag, februari 19th, 2011

I’m using more computersystems for mail but my macbook is not always online, so i find a way to make message rules and sort mail in maps before checking it in a mailclient! How it works? Simple you need serveraccess for this, procmail and some adjustments in .qmail file! First of all as a .procmailrc […]

Macbook oh my battery…

zaterdag, februari 5th, 2011

Since about two years i’m using my Macbook Pro 17″ every day, nice notebook, but the battery, they told me has to go for more then 7 hours, so i was happy when i bought the machine i could use it for about 6 hours… The reason was fair, i’m using internet, so i used […]