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Ubuntu 11.04 setting up Mac OS Time Machine server

zondag, juni 12th, 2011

Since i don’t want to give all the money to Apple and want some great backup, i found that Ubuntu (even on Openvz) can work as a Time Machine drive! So here is what i have done: # sudo apt-get install netatalk After this i have added a line in /etc/netatak/AppleVolumes.default like this: /backup/TimeMachine “TimeMachine” […]

ssh hangs – very slow ssh on mac

zondag, juni 5th, 2011

Since a few days ssh was very slow, searching many hours brings me to my router and suddenly i saw the problem… Telenet my Internet Providers nameservers are slowing down the whole thing… after verbose i had (ssh -vvv): debug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 32768 and then it hangs/freeze So from now […]