Install postfix mailserver only for forwarding

dinsdag, juni 1st, 2010

For some reasons i only had to install a mailserver for forwarding mails to other mailaddresses. So on Centos here you have it: #yum install postfix smtpd edit /etc/postfix/ myhostname = your.domain.tld virtual_alias_domains = redirectdomain1.tld, redirectdomain2.tld virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual edit /etc/postfix/virtual address@redirectdomain1.tld   addresto@domainto.tld @redirectdomain2.tld  addresstocatchall@domaintoxx.tld After this run the following commands: # postalias /etc/aliases # […]

Update blog pages

donderdag, oktober 1st, 2009

Today put some new pages on the blog about the why and how between Dutchzone and Netdistri bvba. Some people started me asking always the same questions so here are the answers now 😉 Vandaag heb ik even de pagina’s bijgevoegd over hoe het nu zit tussen Dutchzone en Netdistri bvba en wat er nog […]

Final: backupserver is running!

vrijdag, juni 29th, 2007

The beginning was not so good, 3-ware card was not recognized by CentOS 5 neither 4! So after searching a couple of hours and found the right device drivers we could start the install! So far so good, we have a system with 6 x SATA 320GB in raid 5 so we have 1,45TB of […]

Thinking Debian or CentOS?

zondag, juni 24th, 2007

At this moment there are some huge changes waiting by Dutchzone, our Windowsserver is running and tested so one of the new things is our new windowshostingproject, not my idea, but sometimes you have to let it come over you :d An other great change will be the migration of our new linuxserver, so we […]

Backup and

maandag, juni 4th, 2007

After years everything went like it has to go, so since a few days is registred at my name, an old supplier had registred the name and would not give it to us, but since a few days it is where it belong, by Dutchzone! An other thing i have solved today is the […]