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Procmail and Plesk

zaterdag, februari 19th, 2011

I’m using more computersystems for mail but my macbook is not always online, so i find a way to make message rules and sort mail in maps before checking it in a mailclient! How it works? Simple you need serveraccess for this, procmail and some adjustments in .qmail file! First of all as a .procmailrc […]

Iphone and Proximus problem…

zondag, oktober 17th, 2010

Since a few months having problems with my Iphone and Proximus, i have to disable 3G or i will get most off my calls to the voicemail, people call me and get the voicemail while my phone has full coverage… Have called supportdesk many times for this problem but no sollution yet. So i hope […]

Mobistar Internet Everywhere on Snow Leopard 10.6.x

maandag, februari 15th, 2010

New driver internetmodem Icon 225

Hello Proximus are you pro?

woensdag, december 23rd, 2009

proximus 3G Iphone

Mobistar has screwed it again…

zondag, november 22nd, 2009

On 22th of october Mobistar lost the network coverage in the area of Dudzele, which means that in out office we could not receive or make any calls by our cellular phones, after calling the helpdesk (5595) we get an number for this case and on 23th of October everything seems to work again!!! Happy […]

Mobistar Internet Everywhere after Leopard Upgrade

vrijdag, september 11th, 2009

Today after upgrading to Mac Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) my internet everywhere usb-modem let hang the whole macbook, so i called to Mobistar support desk for Internet 0800-85953 and choose in the menu option 2 for technical information. Here they say the only solution is to reinstall my old OS, so there was no […]