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ssh hangs – very slow ssh on mac

zondag, juni 5th, 2011

Since a few days ssh was very slow, searching many hours brings me to my router and suddenly i saw the problem… Telenet my Internet Providers nameservers are slowing down the whole thing… after verbose i had (ssh -vvv): debug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 32768 and then it hangs/freeze So from now […]

Plesk missing db user

maandag, februari 21st, 2011

if the mysql user of a site isn’t listed in the plesk interface, do the following: 1. log into mysql as admin (eg. using cmd line) 2. delete the entry of that user in the mysql user table(eg. DELETE FROM user WHERE user=’username‘;) 3. add the user via plesk.

Procmail and Plesk

zaterdag, februari 19th, 2011

I’m using more computersystems for mail but my macbook is not always online, so i find a way to make message rules and sort mail in maps before checking it in a mailclient! How it works? Simple you need serveraccess for this, procmail and some adjustments in .qmail file! First of all as a .procmailrc […]

Mysql Master Master Replication on CentOS 5

dinsdag, juni 22nd, 2010

This tutorial describes how to set up a MySQL master-master replication. This is usefull is one of the servers drops down, the other can take over without any data loss, it will also be used as slave for the live one. Step 1: Install mysql on master 1 (slave 2) and slave 1 (master2). #yum […]

Install postfix mailserver only for forwarding

dinsdag, juni 1st, 2010

For some reasons i only had to install a mailserver for forwarding mails to other mailaddresses. So on Centos here you have it: #yum install postfix smtpd edit /etc/postfix/ myhostname = your.domain.tld virtual_alias_domains = redirectdomain1.tld, redirectdomain2.tld virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual edit /etc/postfix/virtual address@redirectdomain1.tld   addresto@domainto.tld @redirectdomain2.tld  addresstocatchall@domaintoxx.tld After this run the following commands: # postalias /etc/aliases # […]

Keygenguru malware injection on server

donderdag, oktober 29th, 2009

Some days ago one of our webservers started showing now and then by visiting a website a blank page of a popup, it only show in the source some javascript… After days we scanned the whole system: #grep -H “eval(base64_decode” /var/www/vhosts/* -R | cut -d: -f1 > /tmp/results_scan

Mounting issues over samba share

donderdag, september 10th, 2009

Today installed a new centos server and samba does it again (failure sharing external drives), ok the drives are windowsdrives vfat (fat32) and ntfs (ntfs-3g). So after struggling a while installed swat when i suddenly see the shares on the other windows-lan-computers… But we can not write to the disks we have to mount them […]

Remove domain tomcat problem

dinsdag, september 8th, 2009

To remove a domain that generate a tomcat error during delete, copy an existing xml file from the following dir: /usr/share/tomcat5/psa-users/ to {domain}.xml where {domain} is the full domain name to be removed.

Process op shared server bepalen van eigenaar

maandag, januari 5th, 2009

# ls /proc/<pidnr>/cwd/ -al pidnr vervangen door de nr van het process

Plesk SQL Injection vulnerability

woensdag, september 26th, 2007

Today we have solved this bug on our productionserver. You can read how to solve this on:

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