Mac OS

ssh hangs – very slow ssh on mac

zondag, juni 5th, 2011

Since a few days ssh was very slow, searching many hours brings me to my router and suddenly i saw the problem… Telenet my Internet Providers nameservers are slowing down the whole thing… after verbose i had (ssh -vvv): debug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 32768 and then it hangs/freeze So from now […]

Macbook oh my battery…

zaterdag, februari 5th, 2011

Since about two years i’m using my Macbook Pro 17″ every day, nice notebook, but the battery, they told me has to go for more then 7 hours, so i was happy when i bought the machine i could use it for about 6 hours… The reason was fair, i’m using internet, so i used […]

Apple Macbook Pro Bluetooth issue

dinsdag, juli 6th, 2010

macbook bluetooth not working, apple bluetooth werkt niet