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Ubuntu 11.04 setting up Mac OS Time Machine server

zondag, juni 12th, 2011

Since i don’t want to give all the money to Apple and want some great backup, i found that Ubuntu (even on Openvz) can work as a Time Machine drive! So here is what i have done: # sudo apt-get install netatalk After this i have added a line in /etc/netatak/AppleVolumes.default like this: /backup/TimeMachine “TimeMachine” […]

Update blog pages

donderdag, oktober 1st, 2009

Today put some new pages on the blog about the why and how between Dutchzone and Netdistri bvba. Some people started me asking always the same questions so here are the answers now 😉 Vandaag heb ik even de pagina’s bijgevoegd over hoe het nu zit tussen Dutchzone en Netdistri bvba en wat er nog […]

Today wordpress is updated on this site…

zondag, augustus 30th, 2009

wordpress update stopped

maandag, augustus 4th, 2008 has stopped because the project has to many other websites doing the same and with more people.

Finally got running

dinsdag, februari 12th, 2008

After 3 months of working on it is working. Offcourse there are some items that we have to built, like SEO friendly urls but at this moment we are searching betatesters ans moderators!

Spending hours on google maps

zondag, januari 27th, 2008

After 3 days of problems finally got googlemaps api working, now searching a way to collapse the thing without loosing the centerpoint, so if anyone knows a javascript sollution that not screw my centerpoint plz let me know! You can see the result on offcourse i have other options but these are not relevant […]

Tyan eth0 & eth1 switched

donderdag, november 15th, 2007

After searching for 2 weeks what the problem was on a Tyan server we switched by accident the networkcables and guess what… Everything was working how easy don’t you think… So before screaming the thing is ready for trowing away think twice :p And after 3 CENTOS 5 installs we did this :s

Working at the nerves from your boss

dinsdag, augustus 28th, 2007

This is really good, don’t know if i could have so much fun if they will trick me :p

Final: backupserver is running!

vrijdag, juni 29th, 2007

The beginning was not so good, 3-ware card was not recognized by CentOS 5 neither 4! So after searching a couple of hours and found the right device drivers we could start the install! So far so good, we have a system with 6 x SATA 320GB in raid 5 so we have 1,45TB of […]

How stupid can i be?

vrijdag, juni 1st, 2007

Last night i get a message to reboot a cetain server, so after a litle chat that person says: ok it’s the only solution so reboot that server now. On that moment there are 3 persons logged in on the server, none of them know what the other does, but each person logged in as […]

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