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Procmail and Plesk

By Robin | februari 19, 2011

I’m using more computersystems for mail but my macbook is not always online, so i find a way to make message rules and sort mail in maps before checking it in a mailclient!

How it works? Simple you need serveraccess for this, procmail and some adjustments in .qmail file!

First of all as a .procmailrc file i had the following:

* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes.*
* ^Subject:.*The Plesk Scheduler notification
${MAILDIR}/.AAA\ Plesk\ Admin/

This code does two things, first put mail marked as spam in the Junk folder and as second it put mails with a subject in an other dir!

Offcourse don’t forget to change your .qmail file:

| true
| /usr/bin/procmail -m -o ./.procmailrc

From now your mail will be sorted before it is checked in any client! Usefull if you also use a smartphone 😉

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