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Thinking Debian or CentOS?

By Robin | juni 24, 2007

centosAt this moment there are some huge changes waiting by Dutchzone, our Windowsserver is running and tested so one of the new things is our new windowshostingproject, not my idea, but sometimes you have to let it come over you :ddebian

An other great change will be the migration of our new linuxserver, so we will get 2GB of RAM (it could be 4GB later!), for the raid we have choose to take a 3ware card so our CPU is not to much loaded! On this linuxserver we sure setup Plesk 8.x (swsoft normal bring 8.2 out later this summer 2007) the only thing i’m not sure of is take debian or CentOS, debian is a high supported platform, on the other hand CentOS is a RHEL-alike and more stable, after years of Fedora one thing is sure, Fedora is not good for a productionserver because it give many problems updating thing outside of Plesk, Fedora OS is only supported for 2 years and CentOS/debian is supported for 5 years! So after this all at this moment it would be CentOS for some reasons: other servers i manage for a company mostly running CentOS, so that system i know the best, other thing is Fedora and CentOS is not such a difference! So i think CentOS is the right solution!

New is our brand new backupsystem, a Supermicro 2U server with 8 disks (3,2TB), 2 x Gbit NIC, after 4 years working and taking backup from one server to the other and visa versa we found it was time to get a sepperated system taking care of our backups and most of all for performance it will be a relieve! Customers will get a new advantage, they can choose to get their backups on their own space (same server and counted as used webspace, but not save we think!) or pay some EUR for external backup (the amount to pay is less if you can think what could happen when a server is failling, so starting from 10 EUR/year we think it is not much for your data!

Almost forgot, never think someone else did solve a problem he could solve himselve! Yesterday a friend of mine had an e-mailproblem so huge he gave up to search, but if he had just thinking twice, sending mail from server A to server B was not working because he tested the domain which was on server B now the day before on server A and did not removing it! So after two hours of searching with two persons we found the solution :p Remove the domain from server A!!! So if you report a problem give as much information you know from the last days… Maybe you get the solution yourselve at that moment :p

PS: my birthday on 16th of june was perfect, yeah allright i’m 30 years old now but kicking and alive :d so 30 is a strange fealing, the number but for all the other things i’m feeling me as good then i was 29 :d My English is still bad, i’m still having fun working in *nix systems, i’m still happy with wife and kids! So let’s go and take it as it comes for an other year!

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