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How stupid can i be?

By Robin | juni 1, 2007

robinLast night i get a message to reboot a cetain server, so after a litle chat that person says: ok it’s the only solution so reboot that server now.

On that moment there are 3 persons logged in on the server, none of them know what the other does, but each person logged in as root.

So good believing Robin reboots the server, after 30 minutes still no answer from that server, asking how normal the other person would find this, he says no panic, i had one for 40 minutes last time… After 60 minutes i have discided to reboot the thing by APC, but still an hour after that no response from that server. At this piont someone called me to hear what was wrong, give me some other solutions, but all without any result, but after that i would see it with my own eyes and going to the datacenter. One problem at this point, i’m not on the permanent accesslist so I could not get inside the f*cking building… At this point i’m stuck and getting in my bed…

After hours of thinking i have made a descision: never believe someone even if it is one of your best friends, never trust someone, when there is shit you can solve the problem alone…

So i’m thinking at this point if you’re on a server and working on it, before you start or getting rootaccess, check first what the other person is working on, don’t believe someone unless you have heart each person logged in on the system how hard it would be! Those who know the story think twice, never run away from a problem, at that moment you help until it is solved! So thank you my friends!

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