Me!I’m Robin Cauwenbergh born in june 1977, having 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, , some fishes in an aquarium and outside two chickens.

My hobby’s are linux & dodge as you could read, the dodge-story is to long to explain here, so more about that later. Why linux would ask the most of you, well, very easy as owner of a webhosting company named Dutchzone! So if you have a problem, ask me you never know i could help you!

How i started on the internet? Let’s digging in my brains for i while now :p

As a kid communications by modems and other things have facinating me all the time so when i moved from my parents to the sea by my lovely wife, we bought our own internetconnection by Telenet (a fast broadband company in Belgium) and after a while i was playing with websites (read this as, trying to make websites :p). So at this point HBE ( was born a year after the internetconnection, this was in the year 2002, in that year there came a lot of new internetfriends in my life. After one year of HBE it was a great success, but if we have success that means a lot of jalous people, and so some people left the project like PC_Freak, you can find his blog at, he is the founder of the usebb project. After HBE I started a webhostingcompany named Dutchzone. And now 6 years later Dutchzone is one of the most important webhosting companies in Belgium!

So for linuxquestions, plesk-related or other computerrelated things ask me and maybe i can help you!