Mobistar Internet Everywhere on Snow Leopard 10.6.x

By Robin | februari 15, 2010

Yesterday i downloaded the latest driver for my Qualcom Icon 225 modem and installed this driver on my macbook.

The driver is working very good, starting faster and connecting is also better.

You can find the driver here: Just fill your serialnumber in and choose the latest macdriver! Change the extention to dmg if it is not so, install an ignore the error!

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Hello Proximus are you pro?

By Robin | december 23, 2009

After weeks still marked as a residential customer by Proximus, unless i called many time to solve this issue, so until today have some problems with their services:

– Can not login to the fleetmanagement tool

– Can not call to the right customernumber because they don’t recognize me as a business customer

– 3G coverage problem in my home, not that i need this but it is annoying because need to do the switch off manual on my iphone (follow my twitter about this issue)

– Having a discussion about the offer they made to me, did an official complaint about this still waiting for the answer

The good part is I have coverage and people can reach me…

So i doubt that there is one provider in Belgium who will do it right!

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Mobistar has screwed it again…

By Robin | november 22, 2009

On 22th of october Mobistar lost the network coverage in the area of Dudzele, which means that in out office we could not receive or make any calls by our cellular phones, after calling the helpdesk (5595) we get an number for this case and on 23th of October everything seems to work again!!! Happy me on that day, because after a day of complaining customers they are back satisfied… And then suddenly on the 5th of november again no network coverage, we called to the support, again we get a lucky number for a new case, on the 6th of November nothing changed, complaints from out customers and so on, so called back to the support of Mobistar but they told me nothing had been done for the casenumber… (you can read this in the letter i send to Mobistar nv). After that we have decided to change our cellular phones to an other provider (so Proximus here we come, and now we are!). After this we only changed the phonenumber to call, not the datacards, after 3 days suddenly Mobistar cutted off our datacard (Internet Everywhere), little mistake i think, so we called to the support again, the answer: Sorry, but we can not reactivate your sim for data, you have to take a new simcard etc… So Mobistar when do you learn how to do it right?
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Keygenguru malware injection on server

By Robin | oktober 29, 2009

Some days ago one of our webservers started showing now and then by visiting a website a blank page of a popup, it only show in the source some javascript… After days we scanned the whole system:

#grep -H “eval(base64_decode” /var/www/vhosts/* -R | cut -d: -f1 > /tmp/results_scan

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Update blog pages

By Robin | oktober 1, 2009

Today put some new pages on the blog about the why and how between Dutchzone and Netdistri bvba.
Some people started me asking always the same questions so here are the answers now šŸ˜‰

Vandaag heb ik even de pagina’s bijgevoegd over hoe het nu zit tussen Dutchzone en Netdistri bvba en wat er nog waar gebeurt.
Steeds meer mensen komen met deze vragen en daarom hierbij dus de antwoorden! (enkel in het Engels)

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Mobistar Internet Everywhere after Leopard Upgrade

By Robin | september 11, 2009

Today after upgrading to Mac Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) my internet everywhere usb-modem let hang the whole macbook, so i called to Mobistar support desk for Internet 0800-85953 and choose in the menu option 2 for technical information. Here they say the only solution is to reinstall my old OS, so there was no easy way they say, you can only put your system back to the boxinstallation and reinstall everything, yeahhh duh, not me was my idea… He also say i don’t know when we got a sollution, and you can not change your usb-modem for an other, this is not allowed by persons in higher ranking in the company! So, i’m searching on the website of for a newer driver for my Qualcomm 3GĀ  ICON GI0225 usbmodem, after 2 minutes got the download page and downloaded the driver ( I removed first my Internet Everywhere from Mobistar, then installed the new driver, after that rebooted and then reinstalled Internet Everywhere, because my mac keeps the newest files everything is working now again… SO MOBISTAR LEARN HOW TO GET CUSTOMERS SATISFIED AND DON’T SEND THEM AWAY WITHOUT A SOLUTION!!!!

Voor deze ene keer zal ik het ook in het nederlands posten gezien de meeste mensen het zo beter gaan vinden en omdat het over een Belgisch product gaat. Vandaag heb ik Snow Leopard op mijn Macbook Pro gezet, allemaal leuk, geen enkel probleem gehad tot ik deze namiddag lekken mijn Mobistar Internet Everywhere ging gebruiken, toen liep het systeem vast van zodra de USB-Modem in de computer ging… Dus ik bel even Mobistar op 0800-85953 (want op het gewone nummer kunnen ze een Business klant niet helpen met Internet Everywhere toestanden) nu goed ik kies daar optie 2 voor technische problemen, zo slim ben ik dus nog… Krijg ik daar een heer aan de lijn en die zegt meneer gebruikt een Mac en heeft een nieuw besturingssysteem, wel dan zit er niets anders op dan je systeem opnieuw naar het vroegere systeem te zetten, allemaal leuk maar dat is niet zo leuk om te doen, je kan eerst alles backuppen, daarna lekker alles terug installeren. Dus ik wijs hen erop dat ze hun klanten toch iets moeten kunnen bieden, onderbreekt die gast mij en zegt: meneer, we weten een oplossing maar we mogen ze van onze overste niet aanbieden, dus bedank ik mooi en dacht ik nogmaals opnieuw installeren, jakkes no way! Ik ben op het internet op zoek gegaan bij de fabrikant van mijn USB-modem (Option) Qualcomm GI0225 en vond daar toevallig wel nieuwe werkende drivers… Hoe ga je te werk, dat vond ik na een paar pogingen: 1) verwijder je bestaande Mobistar software 2) reboot je Mac 3) installeer de nieuwe driver ( 4) reboot je Mac nogmaals en dan stop je gewoon je modem van Mobistar weer in, laat de software installeren van die stick, geen probleem enkel de nieuwe bestanden blijven behouden dus overschrijven van je nieuwe driver doet hij niet! EN OPGELOST je hebt weer Internet…


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Mounting issues over samba share

By Robin | september 10, 2009

Today installed a new centos server and samba does it again (failure sharing external drives), ok the drives are windowsdrives vfat (fat32) and ntfs (ntfs-3g).

So after struggling a while installed swat when i suddenly see the shares on the other windows-lan-computers… But we can not write to the disks we have to mount them without any restrictions:

# mount -oĀ  auto,users,umask=000,dmask=000,fmask=000,uid=65534,gid=65534 /dev/youwanttomount /mnt/directory

Also learned how to force busy drives šŸ™‚Ā  # umount -l

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Remove domain tomcat problem

By Robin | september 8, 2009

To remove a domain that generate a tomcat error during delete, copy an existing xml file from the following dir:


to {domain}.xml where {domain} is the full domain name to be removed.

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Today wordpress is updated on this site…

By Robin | augustus 30, 2009

Today i did the update of this blog (wordpress-script). I was on vacation when the new version came out, after reading what could happend i’m glad to know that this site is not used by the security problem!

So now we searching a way to allert us when load to the server get’s to high šŸ˜‰

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Process op shared server bepalen van eigenaar

By Robin | januari 5, 2009

# ls /proc/<pidnr>/cwd/ -al

pidnr vervangen door de nr van het process

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